Spanish Pre-Intermediate 4

Pre-Intermediate 4-Program
Aula Internacional 2-Units 8, 9

After completion of this level you will be able to:

  • Talk about habits customs and circumstances in the past
  • Give opinion, show agreement and disagreement
  • Narrate in the past making correct choice of past tense

Unidad 8-Estamos muy bien

  • Functional
    Describe someone’s physical appearance
    Talk about moods
    Describe pains and aches
    Give advice
  • Grammar
    Pronominal verb DOLER (to hurt) (me/te/le/nos/os/les)
    Verbs and phrases to give recommendations TENER QUE + inf (to have to); DEBER +inf (must)
    Uses of verbs: SER/ESTAR (to be), TENER + noun
  • Vocabulary
    Parts of the body
    Adjectives to describe people physically
    Adjectives and nouns to describe moods
  • Cultural
    Home remedies
  • Final task
    Create a poster/brochure/graphic ad/describing a health issue and giving recommendations

Unidad 9-Antes y ahora

  • Functional
    Talk about habits, customs and circumstances in the past
    Contrast past and present
    Give opinion, agree and disagree
  • Grammar
    Ya no/todavía
  • Vocabulary
    Time markers commonly used with Imperfect
  • Cultural
    Life in the early 20th Century in a Spanish-speaking country
  • Final task
    You will research and present information about ways of life in a particular decade.