Spanish Pre-Intermediate 3


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Term 1 2019

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Spanish Pre-Intermediate 3-Program
Aula Internacional 2-Units 6, 7

On completion of this level you will be able to:

  • Describe eating habits
  • Exchange recipes
  • Describe pains and aches
  • Give advice

Unidad 6-No como carne

  • Functional
    Talk about tastes and eating habits
  • Grammar
    Direct Object Pronouns
    Impersonal use of SE
    Connectors (y, pero, además)
  • Vocabulary
    Food and cooking
  • Cultural
    Regional products from the Spanish-speaking world
  • Final task
    You will share a recipe from the Spanish-speaking world (print or video) with the class.

Unidad 7-Nos gustó mucho

  • Functional
    Talk about past experiences and value them
    Talk about desire to do something
  • Grammar
    me/te/le.. gustaría
    CAER bien/mal
    Contrast Indefinido/Perfecto
  • Vocabulary
    Cultural products and events
  • Cultural
    Cultural products from the Spanish-speaking world
  • Final task
    You will review a cultural piece of work (book, theatre play, CD, concert, etc.)