Spanish Pre-Intermediate 2

In this level you will be able to:

  • Describe your ideal house
  • Ask for and give favours
  • Describe actions in progress
  • Talk about future plans
  • Talk about past experiences

Unidad 3 -Mi casa es tu casa

  • Functional
    Describe a house
    Make comparisons
  • Grammar
    Prepositions of location
    Comparatives (más/menos que…/tan(to/a) (s) como)
  • Vocabulary
    Types of housing and spaces in a home (room, location, etc)
  • Cultural
    Types of housing in a Spanish speaking country
  • Final task
    Orally present a house/an architectural space you like (preferably from the Spanish speaking world)

Unidad 4-¿Cómo va todo?

  • Functional
    Make requests and ask for favours
    Ask for, give or decline permission
    Give excuses
  • Grammar
    ESTAR + gerundio
    Condicional (for polite requests)
  • Vocabulary
    Codified expressions for specific situations such as asking for favours, making requests, greeting and giving excuses
  • Cultural
    Different ways of address in the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Final task
    You will demonstrate your knowledge of polite requests and interaction in a class role play

Unidad 5-Guía del ocio 

  • Functional
    Talking about free time activities
    Talking about future plans
    Talking about past experiences
    Describing places in cultural terms
  • Grammar
    Pretérito Perfecto (Present Perfect)
    ya no/todavía
    IR +A+ infinitivo
  • Vocabulary
    Vocabulary related to free time and cultural activities
    Vocabulary related to holidays
  • Cultural
    ¿A dónde vamos? Going out in a Spanish-speaking country