Spanish Pre-Intermediate 1

After completion of this level you will be able to:

  • Describe your experience as a language learner and your relationship with the Spanish language
  • Narrate events in the past
  • Refer to biographical information

Unidad 1-El español y yo

  • Functional
    Give personal information and talk about habits
    Talk about your relationship with the Spanish language
    Talk about difficulties in learning Spanish and give recommendations
    Talk about duration of time
  • Grammar
    Present tense revision (reflexive and stem-changing)
    Prepositions porque/para
    SENTIRSE+ adjetivo
    me/te/le/nos/os/les CUESTA(N)…
    me/te/le/nos/os/les RESULTA(N) + adj
    TENER QUE +inf
    (NO) ES necesario…/ VA bien/ lo mejor ES…
  • Vocabulary
    Daily activities
    Vocabulary related to learning a language
  • Cultural
    The new Spanish people
  • Final task
    Make a survey to a classmate about learning Spanish and write recommendations for improvement.

Unidad 2-Una vida de película

  • Functional
    Narrate events in the past
    Giving biographical information
  • Grammar
    Pretérito Indefinido (Preterite Tense). Regular and common irregular verbs
    Verbal periphrasis to express commencement EMPEZAR A +inf (to start to)
  • Vocabulary
    Time markers to express events in the past
    Moments in the life of a person (nacer, estudiar, viajar, enamorarse, casarse, recibirse, tener hijos, trabajar, jubilarse, morir)
  • Cultural
    The life of famous speaking people
  • Final task
    Write your own imaginary biography