Spanish Lower Intermediate 4

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Term 3 2018

Saturdays, 11.30am-1pm from July 21 (10 classes)


Prescribed textbook: Aula Internacional 3, Nueva Edición

This course covers Units 7 and 8 from Aula Internacional 3

  • Unidad 7: Mensajes
    Transmitir mensajes y desarrollar estrategias de comunicación
  • Functional
    Successfully communicate over the phone
    Take and pass on messages
    Pass on orders, requests and advice
  • Grammar
    Indirect style
    Use of Present Subjunctive to pass on orders, request or advice
    Declarative verbs (decir, pedir, preguntar, etc)
  • Vocabulary
    Verbs which summarise a message’s idea (preguntar, recomendar, invitar, etc)
    Types of messages (text types)
  • Cultural
    Levels of formality on the phone and in written messages
    Digital language (short writing)
  • Final task
    You will create and pass on messages
  • Unidad 8: El turista accidental
    Contar anécdotas
  • Functional
    Resources to tell anecdotes
    Resources to show interest in listening to a story
    Talk about causes and consequences
  • Grammar
    Connectors to refer to cause and consequence
    Pluperfect Preterite
    Combine correct choice of tenses when narrating in the past
  • Vocabulary
    Types of tourism
  • Cultural
    Augusto Monterroso, Guatemalan author
  • Final task
    You will review a trip on a travel blog.