Spanish Lower Intermediate 3

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Lower Intermediate 3-Program

Units 5 and 6 from Aula Internacional 3

Unidad 5: Busque y Compare
Diseñar y presentar una campaña publicitaria

  • Functional
    Recommend and advise
    Give instructions
    Describe an ad
  • Grammar
    Positive and negative imperative
    Reflexive pronouns
    Direct and Indirect object pronous
  • Vocabulary
    Advertisement: values, support, elements in an ad
    House chores
  • Cultural
    Famous ads and slogans from the Spanish speaking world
  • Final task
Unidad 6: ¡Basta ya!
Dirigirse a una autoridad para quejarse y exigir solución a un problema local
  • Functional
    Express wishes, complaints and necessity
    Propose solutions
    Write an open letter exposing a problem
  • Grammar
    Present Subjunctive
    + Infinitive or Subjunctive
    Temporal phrases : cuando/antes de que
    + Subjunctive
    Conditional Tense
  • Vocabulary
    Politics and society
    Youth issues in the Spanish speaking world
  • Final task
    You will write an open letter to a local authority to expose a burning problem in your area