Spanish Intermediate 5

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Lower Intermediate 5-Program
Aula Internacional 3 Units 9, 10

  • Unidad 9: Tenemos que hablar
    Escribir una discussion de pareja para el guión de una película
  • Functional
    Express interests and feelings
    Talk about relationships
    Show agreement and disagreement in different registers
    Give opposing reasons
  • Grammar
    Verbs of emotion + Infinitive/ Noun/ Subjunctive
  • Vocabulary
    Adjectives to describe a person’s character
  • Cultural
    Javier Marías, Spanish author and his novels
  • Final task
    You will write an argument between two people for a screen play.
  • Unidad 10: De diseño
    Diseñar un objeto que solucione un problema de la vida cotidiana
  • Functional
    Describe the characteristics of objects and they way machines work
    Give opinion about design objects
  • Grammar
    Exclamative phrases (¡Qué bonito!, etc)
    Choice of Indicative or Subjunctive in relative clauses (Busco algo que tiene/tenga…)
  • Vocabulary
    Vocabulary to describe objects
  • Cultural
  • Final task
    You will create an object to solve an everyday problem


Beginners – Basic Language User (Access-A1)
Free Beginners Introductory Class
Spanish for Travellers
Intensive Beginners 1 & 2 
Spanish Beginners 1
Spanish Beginners 2
Spanish Beginners 3
Spanish Beginners 4

Pre-Intermediate – Basic Language User (Platform-A2)
Spanish Pre-Intermediate 1
Spanish Pre-Intermediate 2
Spanish Pre-Intermediate 3
Spanish Pre-Intermediate 4
Spanish Pre-Intermediate 5
Conversation – from Pre-Intermediate

Lower Intermediate-Independent User (Threshold-B1)

Intensive Summer Intermediate Consolidation
Spanish Lower Intermediate 1
Spanish Lower Intermediate 2
Spanish Lower Intermediate 3
Spanish Lower Intermediate 4
Spanish Lower Intermediate 5
Spanish Lower Intermediate 6
Spanish Lower Intermediate Consolidation
Conversation -from Intermediate
DELE B1 Preparation
Spanish & Culture: Violeta Parra Workshop

Upper Intermediate-Independent User (Vantage-B2)
Spanish Upper Intermediate 1
Spanish Upper Intermediate 2
Spanish Upper Intermediate 3
Spanish Upper Intermediate 4
Spanish Upper Intermediate 5
Spanish Upper Intermediate 5+ (B2.2)
Spanish & Culture: Los Nobel de Literatura
Conversation -from Intermediate
DELE B1/B2 Preparation

Advanced-Proficient User (C1)
Advanced Classes
Spanish & Culture: Los Nobel de Literatura

Grammar Gym

Spanish & Culture #1: Descubriendo el arte
Spanish & Culture #2: Los Nobel de Literatura
Spanish & Culture#3: Al Son de Cuba
Spanish & Culture#4:Around the Spanish speaking world in 80 accents
Spanish & Culture: Violeta Parra Workshop
Intensive Summer School

Business/Professional Practice
Spanish for Teens
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