Spanish for Travellers

Spanish for Travellers

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Term 4: Wed 6-7.30pm from Oct 9 (5 wk)-Book now!

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Course description:
   Short course ideal to gain some communicative skills and confidence in getting by in a Spanish speaking country. What our students say about this course:

I did the Spanish for Travellers class in May/June and have just returned from my holiday! I had an amazing time in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and just wanted to say thank you for your help! Those classes really made a world of difference in my travelling experience, as I was able to communicate with locals, most of whom really didn’t speak much/any English!’
Emily, Spanish for Travellers

Topics include:

  • greetings and talking about basic personal information
  • giving and asking for directions
  • making reservations at a hotel
  • transport
  • shopping
  • food and ordering at a restaurant

There is no compulsory textbook for this course, you will receive a hard copy of our Farolito Spanish for Travellers booklet and full access to our companion blog, including booklet digital download.