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We offer expertise in design and delivery of courses to suit your needs.

  • Speak your clients’ language to get your message across.
  • Communicate effectively with business partners.
  • Gain cultural knowledge for better business communication.
  • Spanish language and culture team-building packages.
  • Or just get brain active at work!

Tailored to your needs, at our school or at your office, for groups or individuals.

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Norman Disney and Young case study:

Norman Disney and Young conducted a survey on what fun activity should be offered at work, and the winner was Spanish classes! Farolito Spanish Language School delivered a seven week General Spanish Language program to 10 staff members during early 2014, here are some of their comments.

“Classes were really good. Eleanor was very supportive, and was willing to adjust the content slightly to cover things the class were interested in. The course itself was at an appropriate level of difficulty and taught relevant content.  The homework was kept simple but helped to reinforce the course content and was often used as an exercise at the start of class.

Would recommend the course to others at NDY if it were to be offered again.”

“Very enjoyable. It was mentally stimulating and I found it a great way to break up the day. 
Challenging and fun.

Would definitely recommend to other people.”

“Hey! Spanish classes were awesome fun, and I always came back to my desk with my brain working very quickly. Engineering is easy compared to learning another language

If we can get another session I would definitely attend.”

Past clients:
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