Spanish Beginners 4


On completion of Farolito’s Beginners 4 course you will be able to:

  • Describe your neighbourhood
  • Asking for and giving directions to get to a place
  • Making plans and inviting people out
  • Talking about past experiences

Unidad 8-El barrio ideal
Imagine and describe the perfect neighbourhood

  • Functional
    Describe villages, neighbourhoods and towns
    Say what you like about places
    Ask for and give directions to get to a place
  • Grammar
    Verb HABER-HAY (there is/there are)
    Verb ESTAR (to be-location)
    Verbs SEGUIR (to continue), CRUZAR (to cross), GIRAR/DOBLAR (to turn) IR (to go)
    Locutions of location
  • Vocabulary
    Buildings and places of interest in a city or town
  • Cultural
  • Final task
    You will describe and present a neighbourhood or town from the Spanish-speaking world

Unidad Adicional-¿Qué planes tienes para el fin de semana?
Make plans to go out on the weekend

  • Functional
    Talking about free time activities
    Talking about actions in progress
    Making plans
    Inviting out
  • Grammar
    ESTAR + Gerundio
    IR +A+ infinitivo
  • Vocabulary
    Vocabulary related to free time and cultural activities
  • Cultural
    ¿A dónde vamos? Going out in a Spanish-speaking country
  • Final task:
    You will choose an activity from a cultural agenda and invite people to go with you.

Unidad 9-¿Sabes cocinar?
Choose the ideal candidate for a job

  • Functional
    Talk about past experiences
    Talk about skills and abilities
    Talk about strong and weak points
    Describe attributes for particular occupations
  • Grammar
    Pretérito Perfecto (Present Perfect Tense) HABER + PARTICIPIO (-ADO; -IDO and some common irregulars)
    Verb SABER + inf (to know-knowledge). Contrast with verb PODER (to be able to-ability)
  • Vocabulary
    Expressions of frequency
    Adjectives of character
  • Cultural
    Living as a young adult in the Spanish-speaking world
  • Final task
    Create a survey about life experiences, conduct it in class and report your findings in a short text (you can include graphs, images, etc).