Spanish Beginners 3


On completion of Farolito’s Beginners 3 course you will be able to:

  • Describe your daily activities
  • Have a successful experience at a restaurant
  • Used acquired grammar

Unidad 6-Día a día
Find out more about classmate habits

  • Functional
    Talk about daily life
    Express frequency
    Talk about the time and timetables
  • Grammar
    Reflexive verbs (me/te/se/nos/os/se)
    Some stem-changing verbs (o->ue ACOSTARSE, PODER; i->e VESTIRSE, e->ie DESPERTARSE, EMPEZAR, COMENZAR)
    Verbs ending in –go (1st person sg, YO) TENER (to have), HACER (to do/to make), SALIR (to go out)
  • Vocabulary
    Days of the week
    Daily activities verbs
    Parts of the day
    Expressions of frequency
  • Cultural
    Working life in the Spanish speaking world
  • Final task
    Conduct a survey to find out about the lifestyle of fellow students

Unidad 7-¡A comer!
Create a lunch menu of the day

  • Functional
    Order at a restaurant
    To ask for and give information about food
  • Grammar
    Verbs ending in –go (1st person sg YO) PONER (to put), TRAER (to bring)
    Stem changing verb (e->ie) QUERER (to want)
  • Vocabulary
    Meals of the day
    Food and drinks
    Ways of cooking
  • Cultural
    Typical dishes from the Spanish speaking world
  • Final task
    You will create a class “Spanish World” recipe book.