Spanish Beginners 2

Spanish Beginners 2 Book: Aula Internacional 1-New Edition, Units 4, 5


On completion of Farolito’s Beginners 2 level you will be able to:

  • Go shopping for clothes
  • Talk about obligations and future plans
  • Talk about tastes and preferences
  • Talk about your family
  • Used acquired grammar

Unidad 4-¿Cuál prefieres?
Make a list of what we need for a weekend away and go shopping

  • Functional
    Identify objects
    Express necessity
    Go shopping (ask about products and prices)
    Talk about preferences
    Talk about plans
  • Grammar
    Demostratives (este/esta/estos/estas/esto)
    El/La/Los/Las + adjective
    Question words: qué + noun, cuál/cuáles
    Verbal periphrasis of obligation TENER QUE + inf (to have to)
    Irregular verb IR (to go)
  • Vocabulary
    Number bigger than 100
    Everyday objects
  • Cultural
    A textile company from the Spanish speaking world
  • Final task
    You will participate in a class market.

Unidad 5-Tus amigos son mis amigos
Introduce and describe somebody

  • Functional
    Talk about appearance and character
    Express likes and dislikes
    Talk about and compare likes and dislikes
    Talk about personal relationships (family)
  • Grammar
    Pronominal verbs GUSTAR/ENCANTAR/INTERESAR   (me/te/le/nos/os/les)
    Possessive pronouns: mi(s)/tu(s)/su(s)
    Quantifiers mucho/bastante/un poco/nada
  • Vocabulary
    Physical description
    Adjectives of character
  • Cultural
    Music from the Spanish speaking world
  • Final task
    Introduce a member of your family to the class