Español sin fronteras

Español sin fronteras 
Language and culture series

Language and culture are two indivisible parts of a people’s world vision. The Spanish language gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a sea of identities with one common tongue.  Farolito Spanish Language School wants to bring you closer to different cultural manifestations from the Spanish-speaking world through our series Español sin fronteras (Spanish without borders), language and culture courses with which you learn and reflect on diverse cultural aspects beyond the stereotypes, while advancing your linguistic abilities.  ¡Descubre el mundo hispano!

  • Violeta: The colour of Latin American folklore Learn about the life and work of iconic Chilean musician, poet and visual artista Violeta Parra in the year of her 100th birth anniversary
  • 1 sessions – Tuesday, March 28 7.30-9pm
  • $20 – Workshop only
  • $37 – Workshop + Movie Screening

Join us for a workshop style exploration of the life and work of iconic Chilean musician, poet and visual artista Violeta Parra in the year of her 100th birth anniversary. Advance your Spanish skills as you learn about one of the most influential women in the sounds of 20th Century Latin American folk music. Suits upper intermediate level onwards.

Filmoteca Screening Violeta Went to Heaven @ ACMI on Tuesday April 4, 6.30pm


  • Los Nobel de Literatura: Explore the literature of five acclaimed Nobel Prize Winners from Spain and Latin America while advancing your linguistic abilities.
  • 5 sessions, $200, Early Bird $185

What our students say about this course:
“Una maravillosa oportunidad para ganar más contacto con la mejor escritura mundial en español, aprovechando este cursillo interactivo, estimulante y tan bien organizado por la profesora, Beatriz Pomés.”  Peter Gerrand

Great as a gift!


  • Around the Spanish speaking world in 80 accents: Immerse yourself in the linguistic diversity of the Spanish speaking world
  • 5 sessions, $200, Early Bird $185

  • Al son de Cuba: Mojitos, Fidel and the Internet: Learn about Cuba past and present and advance your Spanish.

Topics include:

-Making Cuba: A historical background
-Cuban Revolution: The big change
-Viewing Cuba: The arts
-Women’s power: Las mujeres de cuba
-Cuba in the 21st Century: The internet and beyond

  • Descubriendo el Arte: Learn about Spanish and Latin American Art from Pre-History to Contemporary and advance your language skills.
  • 5 sessions + Visit to the NGV, $200