Farolito Spanish regular course (15h)


Farolito Spanish regular course (15h)-Choose multiple terms and save!
(Multiple terms are to be used within 12 months of purchase)
1 Term $285
2 Terms $530 -Save $40!
3 Terms $800 -Save $55!
Yearly-4 Terms: $1000 -Save $140!
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Please check our timetable or contact us for next term dates. See enrollment conditions

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Product Description

Beginners 1-4
Aula Internacional 1 (Textbook + CD) $60
If you prefer you can borrow the textbook from us for the term (Beginners 1 Level only). A $20 refundable deposit applies.

Lower Intermediate
Gente 2 (Textbook + CD) $60; and Gente 2 (workbook + CD) $40

NO prescribed textbook required


El Ventilador (Textbook + CD +DVD) $70

Upper Intermediate
Gente 3(Textbook + CD) $60; and Gente 2 (workbook + CD) $40


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