Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for individuals, pairs and small groups.  You will benefit from private lessons if any one or combination of the following factors describes you:

  • Your timetable doesn’t allow you to come to group classes.
  • You want a more intensive approach to learning.
  • You prefer to learn at your own pace.
  • You want to study at your home or office.
  • You have specific needs: Exam preparations; university support; IB/VCE support
  • You want to practice one competency in depth (E.g. speaking and/or writing)

Textbooks are recommended by teachers according to the student’s individual needs.

Private lessons start from 5 lesson blocks
Private lessons prices

What students are saying about Farolito Spanish private lessons:

‘This is the 3rd Spanish school I’ve tried and by far the best’
‘This is the 3rd Spanish school I’ve tried and by far the best. I wish I’d found it sooner! I have taken private classes which is great as you get lots of attention and help. I always have to speak in Spanish which is intimidating at first but soon passes. Eleanor is FANTASTIC and has made it really fun and easy to learn.’

Pattie Spanidis, Beginners level More testimonials