Pre-Intermediate 5

Gain confidence in your A2 level and get ready for Intermediate.

This course covers Unit 10 from Aula 2 and consolidates topics seen in levels Pre-Intermediate 1-4

Unidad 10-Momentos especiales

  • Functional
    Narrate in the past
  • Grammar
    Contrast Imperfecto/Indefinido
    Past tenses of ESTAR + gerundio
  • Vocabulary
    Time markers to refer to the past
  • Cultural
    Relevant historical decades in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Final task
    You will create a narrative piece

And revision of Level Pre-Intermediate 1-4 with special attention to:

  • Present Tense: regular, irregular, stem-changing, reflexive, pronominal verbs such as gustar.
  • Past Tenses: correct choice of past tenses when narrating in the past Indefinido, Perfecto, Imperfecto
  • Prepositions
  • Cohesive speaking writing

Each area is addressed in regards to topics of interest and with a strong focus on conversation.