Lower Intermediate Consolidation

Upcoming Dates:

Term 2 2019
-Tuesdays, 6-7:30 pm from April 30 (10 classes)

Special offers:
$319- 2 friends enrol together (15h course)

Prescribed Textbook: No textbook for this level

-Gramática Básica del Estudiante de Español Difusión
-Collins Concise Dictionary

Assessment: Ongoing workshops, final tasks, test, and oral presentation (dates TBC)

This course aims at revising and consolidating areas of languages developed in all B1 levels at Farolito (Lower Intermediate 1 to 6), with a focus on conversation and listening skills.
The proposed topics are subject to change in consultation between the teacher and students in the class. The following are suggested units and should be taken as a guide only:

Unidad 1-Gente de novela
Objective: to narrate in the past using the correct choice of past tense

  • Functional
    Narrate events in the past
  • Grammar
    Past tenses contrast Pretérito Perfecto/Pretérito Indefinido/ Pretérito Imperfecto/Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto
    Connectors to advance a narration
  • Vocabulary
    Significant events in the life of a person
    Time markers
  • Final task
    Narrate and record a creative mystery story developed in and out of class


Unidad 2-Gente y salud
Objective: To give advice and suggestions on topics related to health 

  • Functional
    Understand and use persuasive language
    Give advice and recommendations
  • Grammar
    Present Subjunctive to give recommendations
    Imperative Tense
    Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns: Position in combination with Imperative Tense
    Conditional Tense
    Modal structures to give advice (tener que/ deber + inf).
  • Vocabulary
    Vocabulary related to health
  • Final task
    You will participate in a role play to convince a friend to quit some unhealthy habits and move towards a healthier life.