Around the Spanish speaking world in 80 accents

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Term 1 2017
Tuesdays, 7.30-9pm from Mar 7 (5 classes)

This course aims to immerse students in the linguistic diversity of the Spanish speaking world. Gain a better understanding of the vocabulary, accents or slang characteristic of a particular Spanish speaking country or area and its cultural and historical contexts. Have a try at speaking “like a native” and get better at recognising accents from a wide and diverse Spanish speaking community.


Each session a Farolito expert teacher from a different geographical location of Spain or Latin America will introduce a range of vocabulary, accents or phraseology characteristic of a particular country or area. Through socio-historical descriptions, contemporary speakers examples and personal accounts, students gain a better understandings of the ins and outs of why Spanish can be so different.

Proposed program
(open to change)

Día 1: ¿Se o Ze? Introducción a las variedades lingüísticas

Día 2: ¡Oye, mi pana! (Venezuela)

Día 3: ¡Olé! (España)

Día 4: ¡Qué chileros los chapines! (Guatemala)

Día 5: Che, pibe (Argentina)