The Farolito Spanish Language School

Spanish classes in Melbourne since 2007

We specialise in teaching Spanish, providing many levels of small, student-centred adult classes in our South Yarra premises or at the comfort of your home or office. From travellers courses to corporate trainingconversation workshops and culture courses, as well as private tutoring for travel, business or personal growth.

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Course Levels

Elementary & Beginners (A1)

Pre-Intermediate (A2)

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Intensive Summer School
Beginners 1
Beginners 2
Beginners 3
Beginners 4
Private Tuition


Private Tuition
Pre-Intermediate 1
Pre-Intermediate 2
Pre-Intermediate 3
Pre-Intermediate 4
Pre-Intermediate 5

Lower Intermediate (B1) Upper Intermediate (B2)

Private Tuition
Lower Intermediate B1.1
Lower Intermediate B1.2
Lower Inter Consolidation
Conversation-Casual classes!
Grammar Gym


Private Tuition
Upper Intermediate B2.1
Upper Intermediate B2.2
Upper Inter Consolidation
Conversation-Casual classes!
Grammar Gym

Advanced (C1) More courses

Private Tuition
Advanced C1.1
Advanced C1+



Private Tuition
DELE preparation
Spanish IB Year 12
Spanish for Business
Gift Vouchers